The Rhodesian Ridgeback is one of the most loyal dog breeds and is very distinct, as you will notice with the ridge of hair running down the spine.


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The Rhodesian Ridgeback breed is one of the dog breeds that is said to have a typical temperament. They are strong, canny, brave, and very independent...




Rhodesian Ridgeback Temperament


A dog with those deep beautiful eyes, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is something to cherish. They have a certain dignity about them, and of course you can't forget about that athletic mindset. This dog originated from south Africa, and was used by hunters when they were dealing with lions. The dog would use its quick athletic abilities to corner a lion and set it up to be shot. The Ridgeback was the obvious dog for such a duty because of their fearless attitude and their evident command of the lions they ran into. Although the Ridgebacks are used for hunting in some parts still, you will more often than not see them as a family guard dog.

The common mistake that dog owners make with this breed is that they are not prepared to put the time and effort into training them properly. You are going to have to put a lot of work into it, as they can be very energetic and undisciplined as puppies. But, that is just about the same with most dog breeds. They get bored quickly, and that is when mischief can start. Once they have been trained properly, they become a very nice addition to any family. Their loyalty and protective instincts can be valued by just about anyone.

You are going to need to regularly exercise this dog if you wish to keep it happy and healthy. This is not a dog that is going to want to just sit around the yard all day. Many people all over are under the impression that the Rhodesian Ridgeback can withstand abnormally high temperatures because of their south African lineage. As is the case with most dogs though, they need to be kept inside during extreme heat and cold. You should think twice before trying to engage in this heavy amount of physical activity if you are dealing with extreme weather.

To say this dog breed is athletic is an understatement. They can be used by people that like to jog or run long distances. They will keep up and they will be happy to tag along. Fetch is also going to be a part of their daily routine. They love to run around and give chase to things. If you do not exercise the breed properly, you can expect to see some anxiety and behavior that is unexpected. You should also keep an eye on your Rhodesian Ridgeback when they are around family, other pets, and especially the youth/elderly.

Obviously hunters will have an easy time using the Ridgeback to their advantage. They can be used to track small prey or help you with large prey cornering as well. After all, it is in their blood. If you are a family that is not going to ever use the dog for any kind of hunting, you can always enroll them in activities or clubs that will give them the agility tests and physical requirements they need to really let loose.

As with any dog breed, you are going to need patience right off the start of training. The energetic and independent nature of the Rhodesian Ridgeback can make them one of the harder dogs to train. For this reason, and their instincts, it can be hard to command the dog off their leash. You want to be firm when you are training the Ridgeback, but you never want to be too harsh. This could end up causing the dog to completely ignore you, which would really be a shame. The Ridgeback breed is one that is always going to have some independent thinking when it comes to most things. Any prospective owner should be prepared for the amount of time and patience it is going to take to get this dog breed to where you want them to be. Trust me though, it is well worth it when you do. They are amazing dogs.

As with most dog breeds, you will find that these dogs are going to be particularly cautious around strangers. They may even tend to be protective as well. Around their family though, they are going to be some of the most affectionate and loyal dogs you can find. You are going to want to get the dog used to being around other dogs and strangers once in a while though, so it doesn't tend to be as aggressive when it does meet someone knew. If you are able to let them know this lesson early on, it will help immensely later.

If you have a cat, you may have to watch this dog. It can be a natural chaser, which means it will go after your family cat. They can also run into problems if they are dealing with a dog that is the same sex as they are. It can get territorial and unfriendly at times. This doesn't mean that this dog can't be taught to get along with the family cat and other domestic animals, it just means that you may have to train more and keep a special eye on the dog while it is around those other animals and people.







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